Hyranio Garbho

Hyranio Garbho is a philosopher and poet and one of the recognized writers of the Tradition. He has written "Oedipus and the Condition of Contemporary Man" (1994), "The Ancient Paradigm as a Challenge to the New World Order" (1996), "The Antichrist and the Scarlet Woman" (1998), "Psychosophy: Introduction to Psycho- Filo-Genesis "(2000)," The Armanen Runes and the Mystery of the Fyrfos "(2003)," The Dawn of Thule "(2006)," The Invisible Order of the Runes "(2007)," The Myth of the Gods Whites in America "(2010)," Aphorisms "(2011)," The Enigmas of Oera Linda "(2014)," The Scrolls of the Neegal Forest "(2015) and the" The Arkhanen Weddings "(2018). Since 2008 he has also stood out as a translator of the works of Guido von List, Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels and Otto Rahn. In 2013 he translated the Oera Linda. Currently, the author is working on the translation of the Arfanomikon.